Roam 1.0 Boxed Cath Cart, Glass Doors
Roam 1.0 Boxed Cath Cart, Glass Doors OpenRoam 1.0 Boxed Cath Cart, Roll Top DoorRoam 1.0 Boxed Cath Cart, Roll Top Door (open)Roam Supply Carts: Case ColorsSolaire Medical Casework Laminates: Neutral Colors, Light Colors, Dark ColorsSolaire Medical Casework Laminates: Solid Colors, Patterns, Woodgrains

Includes 1 double-column shelf, 5 shelf dividers, and a pull-out module with adjustable dividers to hold catheter boxes. Pull-out module is divided to prevent tipping. Door choices include 1 lockable counterbalanced roll-top door or 2 lockable tempered glass doors. It has a lightweight aluminum case, durable plastic bumper and base, easy-grip handle, 5” medical-grade casters, and standard key lock.


  • Exterior: 40.5″w x 28.75″d x 80″h
  • Interior: 23″d x 31.5″w x 64″h (roll-top), 23″d x 31.5″w x 69.5″h (doors)

197 lbs

Interior Configuration

  • Cart with roll-top door: 52 FlexCells, 26 per column
  • Cart with glass doors:  58 FlexCells, 29 per column

Materials and Finishes

  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Frame and corner extrusions: Aluminum
  • Base and bumper: High-density polyethylene
  • FlexCell panels: Thermoplastic polymer (ABS plastic)
  • Hinges: Dull chrome-plated steel
  • Door pulls: Dull chrome-plated metal
  • Push handles: Stainless steel
  • Doors: Roll-top has aluminum finish, doors are aluminum and glass
  • Casters: Metal plated
  • Ceiling in cart is pre-set to hold 6 Cath Cues; maximum catheter length: 60.75” for roll-top cart, 66.25” for cart with doors
  • Side-attached accessories are available
  • Optional electronic lock
  • Optional 3” slope top
  • Cart comes standard in soft white finish; optional colors available

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