Small and large carts, mobile and stationary options, casework and cabinets, high-density designs and compact workstations, Solaire Medical offers medical storage products for healthcare applications and facilities, from hospitals to specialty clinics and medical office buildings.


Medical supply carts, procedure-specific carts, and medical cabinets and casework cover a diversity of storage requirements. Four product lines and accessories give you choices that address your specific space, supplies, and care processes.


Our FlexCell storage system lets you arrange shelves, trays, baskets, and dividers in a number of configurations. The interchangeable system extends the value of your purchase, as you can exchange FlexCell components among your Solaire Medical medical storage products.


Medical carts have a lightweight aluminum frame. Medical cabinets and casework are constructed of stainless steel or melamine. Five-inch medical grade casters improve maneuverability, even when carts are fully stocked. Other features include smooth-operating doors and self-closing, full-extension drawers.