Solaire Medical’s Evolve casework, Roam supply carts, and Tempo procedure carts have been redesigned for improved function and aesthetics. The result is a robust line of stationary and mobile storage products that improve the efficiency and organization of supplies throughout a hospital.

Evolve Hospital CaseworkEvolve casework features Solaire Medical’s proprietary AireCore construction. Resistant to moisture and corrosion, AireCore is a superior choice compared to wood and metal construction, especially in areas where infection prevention is paramount. Evolve cabinets come with FlexCell interiors or preconfigured for department-specific needs.

Roam Hospital Supply CartsRoam’s efficient exterior footprint and next-to-no wasted interior space result in more storage capacity per square inch. Full-height and counter-height aluminum carts with one, two, three, or four compartments offer a storage solution for a variety of medical supplies and equipment. Roam carts are available preconfigured or with FlexCell interiors for general supply storage.

Tempo Hospital Procedure CartsTempo carts are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and adapt to specific supply and procedure storage. Five cart heights, two widths, three drawer sizes, and a variety of interior and rail-attached accessories let you target storage for specific treatments and departments. Tempo specialty carts come fully accessorized.