Who We Are

Solaire Medical is a hands-on company with a single focus: to produce quality medical storage products that improve healthcare delivery and supply management. Our team of designers, engineers, salespeople, and customer service representatives bring decades-long knowledge of medical storage to addressing your needs.

We’re an agile company, responsive to your unique issues, your requests, or your questions. With a nimble team, we can quickly move ideas off the drawing board, into production, and into your facility.

We take a team approach. Collaborating with medical experts and our sales representatives, who work day-in and day-out with clinical and supply management professionals, Solaire designers and engineers create and develop healthcare casework and carts that meet your specific needs and maximize your efficiency.

We look forward. Keeping up with trends and developments in care delivery helps us anticipate and design for new care processes and medical equipment.

What We Offer

Breadth of application

Our broad offering of mobile and stationary medical carts and healthcare casework address storage needs associated with department-specific equipment and supplies–from central supply and surgical services to endoscopy and emergency departments.

Ease of change and flexibility

Our exclusive FlexCell system ensures that you can match your storage needs with an appropriate configuration solution. With FlexCell’s modular and flexible design, you can reconfigure your Solaire products as storage needs and supply locations change.

Planning expertise and support

Solaire’s storage consultants and customer service representatives are available to help you plan, select, and specify your products. We can meet with you at your facility to analyze your storage spaces and supply use processes.

And when you order from Solaire, you can be confident that we’ll deliver your products on-time and error-free.

Custom solutions

Need an additional work surface, a holder for a specific piece of equipment, a customized interior configuration? If your storage requests can’t be met through our standard offering, we can design and build what you need. Our agility ensures you’ll have a custom solution without long lead times or high costs.